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  1. I said it guys, volume I!!! There will be a 3 part release, I’m sure about it 😭❤️🌌
  2. Guys, what if Music Of The Spheres will actually be a 3 part release over the next year and a half, three different album parts coming up?
  3. Coldplay really has a higher power, most beautiful fans in the world ❤️
  4. Ah sorry for the misinformation! I confused it in my head and swore he said it was called Bless after playing it! Sorry sorry fellow coldplayers 🥱😅
  5. @Doomotron Bless is actually a new song and Chris played a little bit of it in a clubhouse live the other day. The other two go back to early 2019. Coldplay registered those two songs, they exist, we just don’t know when or if they’ll ever come out. But I have a feeling we’ll be seeing all of these.
  6. The Race Bless Sine Spe Recuperandi Conscious Pilot UFO Higher Power Music Of The Spheres I don’t think Alien Radio is a song, maybe an intermission like we’ve had in Mylo Car Kids (?)
  7. I'm from Portugal and I don't know much about him but he seems like a reliable source. No need for translation, he just says Coldplay will be part of the line-up for the 2021 Rock In Rio Brazil. Though I doubt that with Covid around it will actually happen... But who knows!
  8. Though we have to stop assuming the leak is actually 'The Race'. This is another song, not the race, and I don't know why people are saying it's a demo from the GS era because my guess is that it was from the AHFOD/Kaleidoscope EP era, and I would guess that the song was called Kaleidoscope. The instrumentation is similar to AOAL in terms of rhythm and guitar, could as well be Legends? If Legends is actually a song seperate from AOAL and didn't turn into AOAL
  9. Fuck it, let's hope for another gig at some point, cheer everybody and chin up!
  10. These things are fucking bullshit when it comes to buying tickets
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