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  1. No... I love it. But this raises my hopes to a level that if they don't perform here now, i may just kill Phil.
  2. Or they bring out Obama to do the interlude. That'll be fun. (No pun intended)
  3. What if the big surprise is coldplay collaborating with beyonce again on a song to be featured in her album. Geeee
  4. That would be even more dumb than releasing a single of her own.
  5. I am sorry but you should research before making such claims. I guess a handful of our female actors are from England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Czech, USA, and other parts of the world. Moreover many male actors are pakistani citizens who constantly feature in bollywood films. Secondly, OSCARS have the status of being a representative of a GLOVBAL film award which gives ground for the debate on people of a particular race being given more preference. You can't compare the Oscars and Bollywood.
  6. To be very very honest, me being an INDIAN myself have not seen even a single indian person get offended by the video. (So far) Idk why people are debating so much. The media creates the hype and we get hyped. True they showed the more 'poor' regions of the country but the way they presented it does nothing else but make it look beautiful. They wanted to showcase colours and beauty of the country and they did it the best way. No complaints at all. I see no indian getting riled up with the video. We totally welcome the video and we love coldplay to our cores. Totslly cool with the video.
  7. And the fact that people are expecting them to put on a boring show will make the performance even better. They will definitely surprise everyone.
  8. How can they award 1D as best British group when they aren't even sure if they'll exist anymore as a band or not.
  9. But isn't the superbowl during daytime this time around?
  10. V v difficult. I expect atleast two songs from the new album. That leaves max 4 other songs which would most probably be ASFOS or somethng from MX, Yellow, Charlie brown/Paradise, Clocks. Dont think we'll have any place for songs like warning sign, in my place or scientist kind of songs.
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