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  1. Wow. I completely forgot about Windows people. This week if I have time, I'll try posting just the EXS files with the samples. I understand now that some people want to use the multitracks in Ableton, etc. http://coldplayvst.livreforum.com/ is a site I got banned from trying to post all the links to the samples. The guy on there is selling $80 of Coldplay samples at the end of this month which will include the MP9000 VST Rac, Tack Piano, and more EXS instruments. Here's my progress so far: https://soundcloud.com/devanwelsh/coldplay-samples -D
  2. If you guys need any convincing that you don't need to use Kontakt ever again, I can post a video/soundcloud of the samples and how they all sound so far. I was able to get the Scientist to sound pretty close and the White Shadows Synth is dead on.
  3. So here's the deal. I can make a tutorial for Kontakt, no questions asked, BUT the samples are not going to sound anywhere close to how they sound with Logic because of the plug-ins I have added to the EXS instruments. For example, I lost a lot of the fidelity when extracting the Fix You samples, especially the rotary sound that really gives the organ life. As far as I know, Kontakt doesn''t have this feature and you'd be wasting your time trying to find plug-ins within Kontakt that do. In Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, I added some Distortion, EQ, and Reverb to the Synth make it sound like the album version since the sample was recreated/matched with another synth from Logic's software instruments. For the Viva string intro, I had to add Compression and decrease the attack time on the EXS. The point is, if all of these extra settings which make the samples sound like the actual song carried onto the EXS file itself, I would totally do a tutorial. But, they don't. This is why I chose to share the Logic files - because everything is self contained. There's no extra work to do. The plug ins, the samples, the multitrack stems, the settings - they're all on the 1 file that you download for each song. 2 days ago, I downloaded Logic 10.0.7 from the link I posted (because my version was 10.0.0 and I needed an update) and it only took 20 minutes to download, 5 minutes to install. If you guys don't have Logic, I really suggest getting it with the link I posted. When it comes to software instruments and making music, you would save yourself a lot of hair pulling with Logic and didn't waste time with Kontakt's frankly unimpressive interface. Plus, you wouldn't have the multitracks to play along to if you used Kontakt. What's the fun in playing the EXS Insturment if you can't play it with Coldplay?
  4. I have given up on trying to extract the samples for The Scientist piano after 5 hours of messing around with 30 different note samples from Melodyne and various different sampler arrangements/ranges within the EXS24. I'm getting close with the Tack Piano sound. I decreased the attack time within the EXS's 2nd Envelope so it's not as punchy, added Channel EQ (took out some of the high frequencies), Chorus to give it some out of tuneness (very low in the mix), and the Space Designer Reverb which is one of my favorite reverbs to use in Logic (default settings, lower in the mix). I'll upload a link of the multitrack with the playable EXS once I feel that it's good enough to share to the world. -Db
  5. If you guys want a great Viva la Vida string intro sound, check out number (3): goo.gl/v1kzEL - extracted using Melodyne from the actual song. -D
  6. Here are the samples for the Fix You multitrack: http://notepad.cc/share/bq6TFNYQyu
  7. For those looking for the samples: http://notepad.cc/share/bq6TFNYQyu -D
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