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    Up&Up Music Video

    Don't panic :D Sorry for the inconvenience to the forum members. I was the first to suggest to not get into it...(I kinda hate political arguments to be honest). but one of the members here thought otherwise. I'll delete my reply, but it will be nice if he does it too. anyway im done here.
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    Up&Up Music Video

    I'm very sorry that it didn't meet your standards. but ill tell you something: When I see people talking like you, I truly understand the power of propaganda and brainwash. You obviously not thinking this is the first time I hear about those "millions of people" who saying Israel is this and that :D. someone once said "even if the whole world says something stupid, it is still something stupid". so, nothing new here. there are many many people who would like to see Israel cease to exist. a lot of reasons but mainly anti-semitism. and also, the most antisemitic people in history were jewish (carl marx for example) so that's not that impressive either. the question here is if you really want to understand the history and the complexity of the conflict, or just to yell "apartheid apartheid" all day without any basis in reality. because I guess we both know the answer, and you probably fully adopted the BDS lies and propaganda, so trying to established a rational conversation will "racist and deeply misinformed claim"? I would like you to meet Azmi Bishara, a very famous Arab/"palestinian" who said the exact same thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azmi_Bishara is he a "racist" too, sir? and btw, I didn't denied the very existence of the palestinian people today, I just asked where did the name "palestine" come from. who use it first and for what reason. learning history is never a bad thing. (I'll give you another clue: in the 1947 partition plan jews and arabs were considered both as part of "palestine") but funny thing here. When Mahmoud abbas say he "will never recognized Israel as a jewish state"(i guess) it's OK. but when Im not recognizing palestine as the state of palestinian people. it's suddenly not OK. well, great integrity there mate. double standards someone? And I really don't get it, why when Palestinian were "forced from their lands" I can hear alot of empathy in your voice. but when almost 1 milliom jews were forced from their lands from arab countries after 1948, ahh- all fine here! Militaristic- yes, I agree. but i believe this is for a good reason. when 5 arab countries with 100 million invade 1 country with 600,000 people (1948), this one tiny country need a bit of military capabilities, don't you think? (+countries in the process of getting nuclear weapons while saying they will "wipe israel off the map" as soon as possible) "dangerously nationalistic" and "apartheid state"? absolutely not. ohh, please bother. please do. Interesting thing in the other post you was wondering about why not get into it, and suddenly this "isn't appropriate"... I will be more than happy to discuss about each and every point. as I said earlier: the "apartheid" use here is a complete lie. and just revealhow deep is the propaganda behind it, and how much you and people like you dont really understand the situation in a serious and deep manner. but simply brainwashed by BDS and others. The security wall does not create separation based on ethnicity or religion, period. rather it is meant only to prevent terrorists from entering Israel. It is an existential need and every country would act the same. A year after the fence was built, there was a 30% reduction in the number of terrorist attacks and the number of israelis killed was reduced by 90%. On the day that "palestinian terror ceases, the fence will come down. but I promise you- not a single day earlier. our people security is before "lets break the wall" hippi trends. I know this is kind of fun, but believe me, it's not about my opinion or views, or what "millions of people" around the world are thinking. it's about people lives. and it will stay that way as long as the need remains. be sure. maybe not seeking to attack me, but let me tell you somthing: if you are against that wall, at this particular time, that means you are in favor of suicide bombing in tel aviv against israeli civilians. it's as simple as that. And please check the International court of justice docs from july 2004, clearly shows that they eventually accept to see the fence as a "temporary countermeasure. but hey, why bother with facts... and btw, the conflict and palestinian acts of terror in Israel started a long time before Israel took control of the territories (learn about 1929 hebron massacre). and in the 1940’s, the palestinian leadership cooperated with the nazis against the jews and the terror against Israel started long long before the territories were conquered in 1967. if the territories were the problem, how do you explain the fact that in 2005 Israel pulled out of the gaza strip to the last meter, and since that time, some 20,000 rockets have rained down upon the Israeli civilian population? *and that was before the blockade of gaza, so if you were going there, let's spare time for both of us and try to find some other "excuse for atrocities".
  3. RyonI

    Up&Up Music Video

    Listen, you can tell the same lie a thousand times, but it never gets anymore true. - The purpose of the wall was to secure and to save civilians lives (jews and arabs), the Apartheid thing is only in your head. - The decision to build came after more than 100 suicide bombings within Israel, more then 1500 Israelis, jews and arabs lost their lives. and you don't know how is it to live in constant fear that your bus might explode or someone will stub you from the back. just because you're jewish. - There are 1,760,000 arabs INSIDE Israel, which have the same exact rights as jews/druze/christians etc, so how exactly its an "Apartheid"? where is the racial segregation here? - thousand of findings in Judea and Samaria saying what you can never denied, there was United kingdom of Israel long before crusaders and Islam. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Kingdom_of_Israel_1020_map.svg - what about the occupied Jewish temple mount? - My family is from Tunis originally. 800,000 jews was forced to leave arab countries after Israel declaration of independence. - you want more people to learn about history? no problem. The name "Palestine" was first used by romans (Hadrian to be exect) who exiled the jewish people from the land of Israel and Judea, in order to punish them and disconnect them from their own land. the term "Palestinian people" was first used by arabs in 1964. you can learn about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYMviMHH0nc Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYMviMHH0nc and here: http://www.think-israel.org/ronen.hadriancurse.html and if you don't believe those sources, just ask google where did the name palestine come from. - learn about the UN plan from 1947: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine who said OK, and who decided to go to war? (and eventually lose) - if someone forced you out of your own home, doesn't make it his, Right?. so the same deal with Israel. Don't be hypocrite. btw, about the directors "point": you can't really fool me about their real motivation and drive on this one. trust me I know what i'm talking about. We all wish a free united world without any walls or barriers between people. but peoples lives are preferable at this point of time. when the killings on both sides will stop, I also would not want to see this or any security wall. it's always easy to say things when your'e far away, without any real clue on what's going on.
  4. RyonI

    Up&Up Music Video

    I don't want to get into this but just for your gen knowledge: There isn't any wall in Gaza. only on the Gaza-Egypt border. "apartheid"...
  5. You can easily do that by using the AUX IN input of the CLP-545. CLP-545 MIDI OUT (or USB) >> PC MIDI IN >> VST host (program) >> Sound card STEREO OUT >> CLP-545 AUX IN. Done. The CLP-545 is a great piano btw.
  6. Not bad at all. sounds like the real thing to me. keyboard/vst?
  7. it's: C#m - A - E - B/Ab C#m - A - E - B (E > B for "everglow") of course there's a lot of fills, but you can figure it out quite fast based on these chords.
  8. Actually the tuning is DGDGAd, not DADGAd. You can hear it when Chris singing "in the rain...the raaainn..". In that second "rain" the second string is clearly open and tuned to G. Therefore the chords are: verse 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 7 7>5* 5 7 7 7 5 5 4 3 2 "in the rain.../" 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 5 2 4 4 0 2 X X 0 ;)
  9. Just continue practice, you will get it eventually. And yeah the song is a little bit tricky for beginners
  10. Hi there As you may know there is ALOT vsts out there. I think the best way to choose is to see the reviews on youtube, and play sound samples on their websites. most of the Hi-end libraries are around 100-200$. Here's some of the best VST I Know of: Piano - The Giant (KONTAKT5) - Addictive Keys Yamaha Upright - [A GREAT UPRIGHT] - Ivory Yamaha C7 (KONTAKT) - Sampletekk Rain Upright (KONTAKT5) [TACK PIANO] - Ivory Yamaha C7 - Vintaudio Yamaha C7 (DISCONTINUED) - Vintaudio Upright Collection (DISCONTINUED) - Galaxy II Blutner (KONTAKT) - Galaxy II Steinway (KONTAKT) - Galaxy II Vintage D (KONTAKT) - Alicias Keys (KONTAKT) - Cinesamples Piano In Blue (KONTAKT) - NI Akoustik Piano - Steinberg The Grand 2 & 3 - Garritan Steinway Organ Synth Sampler - NI Vintage Organs - NI B4 II - Arturia Minimoog - Arturia Yamaha CS80 - GForce Mellotron Strings & Orchestrals - NI Strings Sessions - EastWest QLSOG - Edirol HQ Orchestral - Garritan Solo Cello - Stradivari Violin - Spectrasonics Trilogy Bass - MusicLab Acoustic RealGuitar 2 Drums - XLN Addictive Drums Plugins - Redline Reverb - Softube Bundles - EchoBoy Delay (SoundToys) - NI Vintage Compressors (VC 2A) - NI Premium Series NI = Native Instruments Hope this help. :) Jonathan
  11. I already answered this before http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5405367&postcount=2 It's a MIDI controller (not a synth) called korg kontrol 49.
  12. Hammers can be heard in most VST's that I Know (+ pedal, strings noise and more) so it doesn't HAVE to be real. But anyway I presume Chris using real ones during recordings. Most of the tracks seems to include upright s. From "Trouble" to "Paradise", it is clearly upright pianos.
  13. I use the SNARK tuner and its a GREAT tuner. very accurate, easy-to-use and cheap. I can also use it for intonation. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-fnyt9IWI1Qg/ToVKUDjh4MI/AAAAAAAAB4I/p_KzZ16Tpv4/s1600/Tuner.JPG [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW8s3MWGYO4]Snark Chromatic Tuner Demo - YouTube[/ame] BTW Charlie Brown is tuned - Eb A D G Bb d So its basically a standard tuning with E tuned half down (>Eb), the B Half down (>Bb) and the hi E one step down to D. And the chord pattern is pretty much the same through the whole song, starting: D |---------------------------- Bb |---------------------------- G |-3---12---7---4---12---8---| D |-5---13---8---5---13---10--| A |-5---13---8---5---13---10--| Eb |-4---12---7---4---12---9---| And this is a list I made for all Coldplay strange tuning songs that I know of: _________________________________________________ Coldplay STANDART - Don't Panic - Parachutes - In My Place - Cemeteries of London (cap1 , 6) - Strawberry Swing (cap1) - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Don't Let It Break Your Heart (cap4) - Up With The Birds - Yellow - E A B G B d# - Shiver - E A B G B d# - Spies - E A C# G B c# - Sparks - E A D G B d (cap6) - We Never Change - E A D G B c# - High Speed - D G D G B d - See You Soon - E G D G B d (cap2) - Green Eyes - E A D G B d (cap2) - The Scientist - E A D G B c - God Put A Smile - C# G# C# F C# c# / C# F# B E Ab c# - A Rush Of Blood - E A D G B c - Square One - E A D G C d# - Fix You (solo electric) - E A D G B/Bb d# - A Message - E A D G C c - Life In Techicolor II - E A D G(b) C# c# - Violet Hill - E A D G C# c# / Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb / C# F# B E Ab c# - Yes - D A D G B d (cap3) - Hurts Like Heaven - E A D G A D / E B E G# B e - Charlie Brown - Eb A D G Bb d - Us Againts The World - E A D F# B e (cap3) - Major Minus - E A D G G b - U.F.O. - C G D G B d HALF STEP DOWN - Charlie Brown - A Message - Twisted Logic - Strawberry Swing -|- Made by Jonathan Revivo (RyonI) _________________________________________________ I hope this help . :)
  14. It's actually quite easy. The basic chords are C G & F. If no one currently working on one I will make a tutorial.
  15. Hulsey your'e right. :) although it's not the exact preset there. btw You can also hear the organ sound on Lost! & In My Place (verse background sound). I made a little experiment few mins ago with "NI vintage organs" VST and tried to get the Fixyou sound on it. I couldn't get the exact sound but I'm quite satisfied anyway. it's reeealy fun song to play and sing. I uploaded it: These are the settings if anyone interested: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/StrikeEagle/nifixyou_organ.jpg Another really interesting and unique sound is Chris's piano (the one he use for paradise -live).
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