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  1. SETA is the name of a policy think tank based in Turkey. Everglow played live by the band with Turkish flag on Chris' piano at a concert in Berlin. A Mask
  2. I don't think Coldplay is making pop albums because of some pressure from their bosses. Viva La Vida was amazing in terms of sales so, why would anybody pressure them to make an album like MX after this amazing success? I am not saying MX was a bad album but let's be honest, it's not VLV. I am pretty sure that our boys are making the decisions about their music. Even if there is some pressure it must be about having at least one single in every album. Like A Sky Full of Stars in Ghost Stories.
  3. I am not sure about Istanbul. They never came to Turkey and I don't think they never will actually. I would be so happy if it happens though.
  4. I listened to the album in my car and it's still wonderful! (Since I watched Once (2007), I always try to make a car test to made up my mind. Everyone should see this movie btw) You can see my latest album ranking after listening to Everyday Life countless times. 1) Parachutes 2)VLVODAAHF 3)AROBTTH 4)EL 5)GS 6)X&Y 7)MX 8)AHFOD GS and EL might change places, we will see it in time.
  5. After listening to the whole album, I'm glad that Orphans is the hit song that does not fit the album much as we sometimes see in the Coldplay albums. Like Yellow in Parachutes, Clocks in AROBTTH and ASFOS in Ghost Stories etc. I think Orphans is pretty good when you consider it like that. (I love Clocks but not the others) Daddy reminded me of Gravity and Eko reminded me of U.F.O. You can say that I'm loving these. Trouble In Town, Champion of the World, Arabesque, Everyday Life: PLEASE GIVE ME MORE Church and Guns are cool. Cry Cry Cry is interesting in a good way Old Friends, BrokEn a
  6. Guys, This is amazing! As a big Ghost Stories fan, this is absolutely their best album since VLV. I got to agree with the decision of not touring with this album. I think Sunrise is better than Sunset but not with a big margin. Cry Cry Cry is pretty interesting to say the least and I loved it. That's all I can say right now since I listened to it just once.
  7. Single has two options on Spotify clean and explicit. I am sure that album will be released on Spotify like that.
  8. We share the same f*cking blood guys. Lots of love to everyone here. We have two amazing songs and a great album in front of us. <3
  9. Explicit content yeah! I'm feeling pretty great about this album already. I did not feel like this about AHFOD at all. This album as Coldplay's Sgt. Pepper would be amazing. Lol
  10. In my country, Arabesque is something that a lot of people dislike. we have singers that sing about their agonies under the name of Arabesque. I also hate it and I think none of the Coldplay listeners in Turkey love Arabesque. I don't think the band wrote a song about agony and thoughts of killing themselves because of the pain they feel. Lol
  11. I only listened to one of leaked snippets and liked it I think. It sounds like Coldplay and It definitely sounds like a single. Now I'm counting hours just like all of us.
  12. Interesting idea. I would really like to see that. I also desperately want the single so, why not both? lol
  13. I know we are all happy about being experimental but I am gonna play the devil's advocate here and say that X Marks The Spot is also an experimental piece for the band. Also with it's different name, it could very well fit into this leaked/fake tracklist lol. Not to worry though, I hope boys will make us proud.
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