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  1. Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year bring you happiness, love, health and joy! I received my package a few days ago and it's AMAZING! I didn't expect it would be as wonderful as the last years', but I have to admit you always surprise me! Thank you so much @Snowwhite!!! There were a card and 4 super cute little packages: an amazing necklace with a star (thank you so much, you're a sky full of stars), a bunch of chocolate (they are DELICIOUS), a lovely Christamas decoration (my mum loved it!) and a little square with the Viva la vida cover album (you knew it's my favorite album, didn't y
  2. Oh what an honor! My little package is the first picture this year! I'm so happy you like the calendar, it will walk you through 2018 :D Merry Christmas to you all!
  3. Please eat more chocolate and please listen to more coldplay

  4. You can say It's mine and clench your fist or see each sunrise as a gift...

  5. Exactly Sarah! Who doesn't like chocolate? And above all, who doesn't like the wonderful version of Clocks from Toronto? Anyway happy new year everyone!!! I wish all of you a year full of dreams :happy2: Yesterday a package from Oregon arrived here! Thanks Kendra!! I tasted the peppermint bark immediately and it's delicious! And the lip balm, I used it over and over again :happy2: Ahahaha yes, Bigfoot is famous also here in Italy! Thank you again, thank you and happy new year! [ATTACH=full]3662[/ATTACH] PS: I wish you'll come in Italy one day, you'll be welcomed :nice:
  6. Fasano, Apulia, Italy Viva la vida :-)
  7. Here I am! Thank you Rahul, I'm really happy and you're very kind :nice: (I sent you a PM right now :wink: ) And yesterday arrived mine! :dance: Thank you so much Celien!! I bet your TARDIS left the pack in front of my door, but I didn't hear his typical sound! You changed it, right? I know you like to travel alone and I know you don't want "fans" wandering in your TARDIS, but I swear, I can be a perfect mate!!! I'm waiting for you! :laugh3: Thank you again for the gifts, the gloves are perfect and very useful. Winter has just arrived in Italy :) Thank you for the card and for the other g
  8. I miss Eleven and Matt Smith so much!:( I will always remember when the Doctor was him, I really loved him. But this is the peculiarity of this show, so DON'T BE LASAGNA! (I love this sentence, I'm Italian and almost every Sunday we eat lasagna :laugh3: ) Peter Capaldi is a great actor, he and Jenna are a beautiful couple. I think that the relationship between Twelve and Clara is amazing :) I love Clara (maybe she's my favourite companion, I can't choose between her and Amy :confused: ) Until now my favorite episode is Listen followed by The Caretaker. What's yours??
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