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  1. Wow. You must be from some far-flung place. Hehe. Where are you from, fritzeal?
  2. Wow this thread went longer than expected. Nice to meet some Pinoy fans around here. Although I was not asked, I will tell my piece how I discovered Coldplay. Hehe. I knew about Coldplay when I was in high school. X&Y era, I think. The first Coldplay song I fell in love with is Speed of Sound and I heard it on the radio. What made me fancy the song is the melody, for one, because it's not the same old melody you hear in most songs during that time. Out of curiosity, I also searched for its lyrics and that made a great impression on me, because I really love well written lyrics, poetic o
  3. Yeah that can be quite difficult especially if you don't have any idea which one leads to what. My turn. I learned today:stop making a fool of myself for entertaining my ex of 4 years.
  4. View from my window:weathered and rusted roofs and ugly low rise buildings. But at least I get to see the sky without any skyscraper blocking the view.
  5. So my ex was chatting me on Facebook only to find out he was having problems with his girlfriend. Sucks.
  6. Hello Lotus and Witfang! Glad to know there are Filipinos around here. Thanks for welcoming me. I'm sure it's going to be fun hanging out with people who have really good taste in music. Where are you guys from here in Ph? I'm from Manila. Likewise, Witfang. I almost lost my mind when I heard about Coldplay's inquiry for the Philippine Arena. I bet you almost lost your mind too. Hahaha ;)
  7. Hi iwasyoursyouweremine! Thanks! And awesome username, by the way. Same here. I do have a quick answer for "what's your favorite Coldplay song" long before Mylo Xyloto (answer would be Shiver) but here came Ghost Stories and made this question a little more interesting it would probably take me days to answer. Hahaha Thanks! I hope we all find our own answers for those questions :-)
  8. Wow 2005 pa ang last post. Haha. Anyo pinoy na active pa dito?
  9. hi Christa42! I bet it is. It's kind of difficult to find some people who loves Coldplay in my country. Haha. This is a great outlet for me.
  10. Hey fellow Coldplayers! I'm Tricia from Philippines and I practically grew up with Coldplay. I've been a fan since the Parachute Era (no don't guess my age, I'm still in my 20s lol) and Coldplay has inspired me in a lot of ways. Their songs are like every firing of my synapses translated into beautiful songs. I joined this forum to show Filipino Coldplay fans exist! We exist! One of the most difficult question for me along with "what's the meaning of life" is "what's your favorite Coldplay song". Haha. I bet that's a question you guys are having a hard time to answer as well.
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