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  1. The first chord is E D and G with an E in the bass. (I don't know the name of that chord). After that is a C chord, then B minor, then D (with the A on the bottom instead of the top.)
  2. I thought this was comparing Ghost stories to Newton's second law. I bet that would be interesting.
  3. Ano sinabi ng banner mo na alibata? (sorry if my tagalog is bad, I'm American)
  4. For all you singers out there. What is your vocal range? Mine is exactly like Chris Martin's vocal range except you shift everything up 1 note. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chris+martin+vocal+range
  5. Somebody said it was easy
  6. I've noticed "a message" is about ghost stories and losing Gwyneth. Here are some selected lyrics from the song. You're the TARGET that I'm aiming at. And I love you please come home My song is love You don't have to be on your own
  7. Between this and the lol'dplay thread we've just discovered that coldplay's favorite food is cake frosted with nutella.
  8. There's an alternate version of the scientist that goes like this. Come up to eat you tell you I'm hungry You don't know how yummy you are
  9. There's a theory that any one person is 6 or less degrees of separation from any other person on earth. For example, you know someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows the members of Coldplay. Have you found a path like this that goes to Coldplay? I have. Coldplay played with the killers in the war child gig. Brandon Flowers (singer for the killers) visited my dad's work and met one of his co workers. 4 degrees of separation between me and Coldplay.
  10. The zombie girl fans turn into just zombie girls and infect all the guys too and cause the zombie apocalypse. I'm reading a book.
  11. There's a library right across the street from my house. Why didn't they put some lyrics there?
  12. Coldplay is a death metal band.
  13. An evil genius alien was 1 penny away from buying earth. He finds the penny and buys earth and we all become slaves to the people on his planet. I sneeze.
  14. Now you have to post a scenario. I'm playing mario.
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