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Does anybody watch this show?? I used to watch it a lot, but not anymore...I still think that superman (Tom Welling) is pretty hunky<--I've never ever used that word, but it just seemed fitting for Clark Kent.. :D


Oooh!! They play some pretty good music on that show...I remember hearing Oasis and Coldplay...woo-hoo! Go them!! :D

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I LOVE "Smallville"!! You could already tell by me posting the lyrics to the theme song "Save Me" by Remy Zero... :D Can't wait for Saturday to come so I can watch the next episode...

I agree with you guys - Tom is a hottie... Wow. And Kristin is really really pretty. But sometimes she annoys me with her always-being-good-and-saying-the-right-things nature. She seems to be too perfect...

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