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  1. Buttercup


    Cool! :) Good to hear! Will let you know when I'm in your neck of the woods! Maybe March! Kinda busy this month as well. Take care hun! :)
  2. Buttercup


    Hello! :D I know I'm not here as much now! :embarrased: But I'm not online as much as I used to. Hope you guys are well?
  3. Buttercup


    Si! :) How are ya? Haven't spoken to you for a bit! How's work and the course? Hope you're doing well! Will have to meet up one day!! Take care hun! :)
  4. Buttercup


    Hahahaha!!! :lol: Thank you! Sorry it's a bit late, but yes I'm here hehe! Thank you! I've had a nice birthday! :) Yeah I don't come here much, but I do think you of you guys! Hope you're all well!
  5. I really wanted to go to the protest today, but I had lecture/ appt w professor in the afternoon. :cry: But I was there in spirit! I wish I could have gone when peeps in the flats next to me left for it. Bascially he stands for a lot of things I'm against... I don't even want to get started. :angry:
  6. I'm going too! But I only have seated tix! Ahh well! Still will be great! :)
  7. Buttercup


    That is sooo my kind of shop!!! ;) :D
  8. Awww sorry Si! :embarrased: Your course sounds rough! Plus you have full time work! Yikes! Well sorry didn't get to meet up the other time, hopefully some time in the future when you're less busy! *hugs*
  9. It's all about "me me me!!!" :lol: :P And yes Sarah is a slut! Don't I know it!! :P
  10. Thanks Vicky! :) How are you? Hope you're well? And sorry Si didn't get to meet up the other day, maybe another time then? Hope you got the course work done?
  11. Happy birthday Jess!!! :) Wishing you a great year ahead of you!!
  12. No lectures for me today!!!! :D But I'm quite tired so not too hyper! :P :snore:
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