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Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG

Hey there, today I bought there two albums


One which is Called Saturate and the Other One Which is called We Are Not Alone!


Now, I had heard some snipets of their stuff, before I bought there albums but I must admit after actually buying the albums, I was really impressed. Sure It's Alternative Rock still, so you know, its similar to other bands, if i had to choose similiarities, i'd say hmm, heavier creed probably, not totally sure, but they have a good variation and very entertaining riffs.


I recomend anyone who hasn't heard them to take a listen and those who have heard them to tell me what you think!


Cheers Guys,


hope you are all chilling!



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Guest DavidG

hmmm, well it depends what you've heard of them, some of their stuff are like a heavier creed, although the lead singer is less doped up :lol: :lol:


in hinesight, i dont know, its hard to put them into a catagory. A lot of people say they are more Godsmack/Disturbed type music

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