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Hollywood Mogul

Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG

Hey guys,


check this game out, it looks really simple at first but in fact its a really good game




"Hollywood Mogul is a strategy simulation for Windows®. It puts you in charge of your own Hollywood Movie Studio and lets you go inside the Dream Factory.


As the Studio Head you have direct, hands-on responsibility for each of the 100 movies your studio will release around the world. Hollywood Mogul even has its own version of the Academy Awards®. And there is an online help system, as well as real-time tutorial to guide you to box office success.


All of the glamour and glitz that is Tinseltown is at your control. You select the projects for development, negotiate with agents to hire the talent, budget the production, budget for advertising, and choose the release date. And then, for each movie you release, you will sit in the theater as the movie's soundtrack plays and the opening credits go by... and then the world map appears and the box office dollars start pouring in... Will you break all existing box office records, or will your movies bomb? And you might even pick up an award for Best Picture!


All you need to immerse yourself in the simulated world of Hollywood Mogul is a love for movies. Of course it doesn't hurt if you're capable of being completely power-hungry and ruthless as you wield an obscene amount of power over other people's lives (which is always fun).


In addition, Hollywood Mogul includes an application that allows you to change almost every aspect of the game to personalize it. Add your favorite movies stars, directors, and producers to the game, or make your Aunt Milly the most powerful woman in Hollywood! You can even add your own pictures of your favorite stars. Including talent you "discover" during a game!


Hollywood Mogul is a strategy simulation game designed for IBM/compatible personal computers running Windows® 95 or better.


Download the fully playable demo, and good luck at the box office. "

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