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Kristian Leontiou

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The debut album from 21 year old Londoner Kristian Leontiou is a magnificent work of epic pop genius that showcases his monumental voice to spectacular effect. First single and opening track ‘The Story Of My Life’ kicks things off in grandiose style before the album settles down to a sedate set of love fuelled anthems including the brilliant ‘Shining’, ‘It’s OK’ and ‘Caught In The Moment’. A remarkable debut from an outstanding new talent.




Honestly, when I heard the first song of this Album, the Story of My Life, I was completely captivated by the song, because it wasn't just heart felt, that was appreciated, but the song was really clever in the way it tried to hit home with the audience. The follow ups I believe really relate well to the main premise behind the album, and it is a must hear for anyone who likes mellow, but good music

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