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Satin Ties and Water

Guest DavidG

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A man has been stranded in teh desert for weeks, he's run out of all his supplies and is now crawling through the sand. He sees a man up ahead, and crawls on over to him. "water! water!" he croaks to the man in front of him. "I'm sorry, sir, have no water, but plenty ties. You want tie, I have silk ties, satin ties. . "


"Water!" "Sorry, sir, only ties"


So the man crawls on. About an hour later, he happens upon another man. *surely he must have water, out here inthe desert* he thinks, so he crawls over to him and begs for "water! Please, give me water!"


"So sorry, sir, no water, but plenty ties. Look, I have big ties, small ties, bow ties . . ." "No, I need water, please give me water"


So the man crawled on, ever more slowly. After about two hours, he comes across another man, standing in the desert. He crawls over to him and says "Please, I need water for the love of God, give me water, and I don't need any ties!"


"Sorry sir, I have no water, but you sure you don't want tie? I have many types: red, blue, green, yellow . . ." Exasperated, the man crawls off.


He crawls for hours and is just giving up hope when he looks up and sees, like a mirage, a huge hotel, the sun glinting off its windows and surrounded by palm trees. He picks up speed and after an hour, he is crawling up the stairs to the door, which is oopened by a porter.


"Please, I've been in the desert for weeks, give me some water, you must have water!?"


"Indeed we do sir, but I'm afraid entrance is with a tie only . . . . ."

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