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Everything's Not Lost is the 1 of the live songs performed


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I agree with you Albie, Everything's Not Lost is AMAZING live! It's one of my favorite songs by them and I just can't believe how good they do it live! I must admit that I haven't personally seen them live... I just have the dvd... but my lord it's good! I love the way they prolong it... the way they let the audience -us- just sing and yell that song, :)...... And I LOVE Chris' voice!! I swear he has the most beautiful voice to me, :rolleyes:......


But yeah, I agree that's one of the best songs live, :smug:

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i also like this song very much played live, i saw it twice in concert (in Paris) the first time was during the world cup ans chris said something about the defeated french team which was quite funny, and the second time, still in Paris he said soemthing about the relations between france and england, and added (in french) "but not here , not tonight", so it was also a great moment.

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