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Kerry & Clinton in Philadelphia this morning

Professor Peedston

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As you might have guessed, yours truly was in attendance. I already saw Kerry at a rally a few weeks ago, but I had to go to this one when I heard Bill Clinton was going to be there.


Anyway, I think this was one of Slick Willie's first public appearances since he had heart surgery a couple months ago, and he looks and sounds like he's doing great.


And even though most polls in Pennsylvania and the entire country are showing Kerry and Bush neck in neck, I find it hard to believe that Bush is going to win, given the outstanding and overwhelming support shown for Kerry today and the last time I saw him. Granted, I live in a city that's almost 80% Democratic, but it still made me feel optimistic. :cool:

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cedric i want to bet my gogo, kerry will win.. you in?!

k i'll bet my testes :idea2:


The people in that picture aren't the ones who sent over 1,000 American soldiers and countless Iraqis to their deaths on false pretenses, but if we are all going to hell, we'll make sure we say hi to Dubya for you.

hahah same old argument i love it :lol:

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