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I need your help...please


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Big style! I tend to get a fit of the giggles too ocassionally, to the point where I can't even stop to speak! Usually over something ridiculous like a peach looking like an arse or something then I babble about it after :lol: It's great to be easily amused but yeah defo if your ever in Ireland give me a shout and we'll go get drunk! :lol: :lol:

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:D :cool: Me too! This one time, me and 5 of my friends were walking home from a party and there was this 25 year old who I started talking to and it turned out he knew my brother so he was asking me to come to his friends party and I was all for it but luckily one of my mates overheard it and stopped me from going! :lol: :lol: That's another thing I do, I don't think things through and I speak ridiculously loud! :lol:

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