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MTV asia awards -- vote to save the music world!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The list has been decided!!! Coldplay aren't nominated but I can't deny that the nominees sucks except for some.


So so so so, vote for those who don't suck so that those who suck won't win. :lol:


I'm having the whole world voting and for once, a crappy band may not win this time! :wink:


Want some directions in voting?


Here are my recommendations.


Fav Male Artist -- robbie williams. he's the only qualified nominee.


Fav Female Artist -- norah or kylie. just DON'T let britney or avril get it.


Fav Pop Act -- KEANE!!! just do it goddammit! simple plan absolutely can't win!


Fav Rock Act -- Jet. They suck the least. I don't even know why are the rasmus doing in there. :roll:


Fav Video -- Any. though keane would be preferred. :wink:


Fav Breakthrough -- Keane. or jet if you want. just don't let ashlee or rasmus get it.


Fav Singapore -- electrico. they are the worthy ones.


now....GO GO GO GO GO!!! :lol:





i've created an account for you guys so that you don't need to sign up to vote.


sign in as -- rebels


password -- ohyes


you are allowed to vote after every 5 mins.


so, go go go go and vote! have mercy! those whom i'm voting for have the least number of votes! sheesh, can't believe it!

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