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Has any one the 2 dollar bill concert with coldplay


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the concert with coldplay was good they cracked jokes and had a good time and great music thats when i heard scienctist for the first time it was lovely and thats when i knew that they were my favorite band. i already knew that but this.




love katie :batangel:

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Well I saw it on t.v, it was in Chicago. It was so cool because I was wanting to see their Clocks video and all of a sudden I'm flipping the channel and turn to MTV2 and I see them in concert. The place wasn't too big, so it was more intimate. It was really cool.


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i finally got the two dollar bill concert with coldplay on tape like 2 weeks ago. i love it to bits and pieces!


that would have been my ultimate concert


cheap (2 bucks) + awesome city (chicago kicks ass!) + coldplay = my freaking out!


all those people in the audience were damn lucky!

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