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Yeah, I need help with this one. I really want to play this song, but whenever I try to play it by ear, it sounds somehwat..."off." And I've tried looking around for tabs but they confuse the hell out of me. Can someone help me out with this song?

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hi mate

the tuning chris uses is:

EGDDBD with a capo of the 2nd fret.

I'm not sure how i'm going to explain this and i have no idea how to write tabs but here goes.


put your index finger on the second string, third fret. Then, put your second finger in the 5th string, 4th fret. Thats the first chord. (never play the 6th string throughout the song)


next, slide this chord up two frets so that your index finger is on the fifth fret and your second finger is on the sixth fret.


next chord, keep your second finger on the string and slide it up to the seventh fret. now put your third finger on the second string, seventh fret. you can take your index finger off now.


then slide this chord down to the second fret.


right, thats the first verse. play it like this,









wow, i didn't know i could do that. there really wasn't any point in explaining the chords

you'll have to work out the rythm but this is the way that chris plays it


tell me if this helped and I'll finish the song

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