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My cover of Ladder To The Sun


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grover u r simply the best honestly...u said u use cool edit pro...u make sound so easy...well i just got it...and it is not as easy as it looks...it takes a briliant mind just like the one u have ;)

i've been meanin to ask u how u make ur voice sound so good with no "hass" or somethin else?

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thanks guys :-) I have so many more I could do .. I've decided to try God Put A Smile Upon Your Face next ..

As for Cool Edit - it DOES take some getting used to , especially when you first try it . There are some tips I've learnt along the way :

Always record your vocie at a fairly low volume - that way if you get too loud it won't distort .

Guitars don't always need to be compressed , as long as you pan them correctly and your strings are decent.

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