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pedal madness


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does anyone have the Everything In Its Right Place live video by Radiohead? or The Astoria video of Interpol?

well in the radiohead video jonny and ed just sit down and play with pedals.

and they're like stompboxes, what else can you do with a stombox besides step on it?

do you guys understand what i'm trying to say? i went to the guitar store and fiddled around with their pedals but i couldn't make any sounds or whatever come out of them.

idk, i'm starting to confuse myself.

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you always need to run a sound signal through them. they can't make sounds by themselves.


The sounds Jonny and Ed are making with effects pedals in 'Everything In Its Right Place' aren't being generated by the pedals themselves. They have Thom's vocal and electric piano signals being run through them, so they are putting effects onto his voice and electric piano.

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I think the signal from the Rhodes piano is being sent to Ed's pedals and Thom's mic signal is being mucked around with by Jonny.


The processor Jonny's using is a Korg Kaoss pad (that link is to the KP2 website, but Jonny uses the original). I think Ed just uses his guitar pedals (lots of delaying/looping going on)

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