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The "Rarest" songs you have?


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I'm trying to really put together my collection of everything Coldplay has ever done, I think I'm doing quite well but I know there have to be songs out there I don't have. There are so many that it would be kind of pointless to list, but briefly: i'd like to get more songs left off of AROBTTH (and not ones that turned into bside, i have those), maybe some older songs, newer live ones, covers, one-timers......and maybe anything off of the new album if you've got anything other than Talk (got that too).


Ode to Deodorant is a big one that I'm really keen on getting but have had NO luck whatsoever finding a trace of.


So basically, since there are so many things, I'm thinking it would be easier just to ask everyone what you think your "rarest" songs are that you have? Thanks for any help :rolleyes:

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