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  1. THE STROKES RULE i want to go see em but theys opening for tom petty......hmmm, i dont know and i couldnt see them last time they were here, what i wouldnt give to go back in time and get tickets to their show at the loft. that would of been amazin, it was on their small club tour.
  2. this...isnt true, i think they would all laugh this off, its just the same as saying she was gonna sing on the album, cause shes sung before. Now shes gonna film the next video, cause.....shes been in movies.....
  3. what was he doing? he doesnt seem like a drug addict, sad annd weird
  4. CIJ guitars are generally better made guitars, better quality
  5. chris was playing an acoustic (i dont think he played an electric on dont panic until AROBTTH tour) and jonny plays a telecaster on that song.
  6. the beach recordings PLEASE THANK YOU
  7. anybody, upload the beach songs please?
  8. can someone upload the beach songs, the u2exit link dont work and i dont have the recordings!!! rapidshare or something. thanks
  9. this is what im talking about Lastly, a new single makes sense in light of the new song clip that hit YouTube last week. The story on that, from what we're told, is that Bono was with friends out on the terrace and turned up the music so the friends could hear it. The people in swimsuits looking toward the house are not U2 fans. Cedric, the guy who recorded the clip, had his battery run out and couldn't tape the whole song. thats all they have on atu2
  10. you guys hear about the possible new single and song? atu2.com?
  11. yeah its bad many people there are losers i just go on to see stuff though, i only go into the music section or whatever, so i dont know of all the fangirl threads.
  12. logging off the the computer? like restarting
  13. i deleted my cookies but it didnt seem to work
  14. i was thinking someone figured out my password but i dont think that happened...
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