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I just pre ordered X&Y


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I was at the mall today and there was a sign hanging in the Sam Goody and it said Coldplay's new cd was coming out in april. I told the sales clerk that their sign was wrong and it was due out in June. He just scoffed and said, ok. So I then asked him if he had an exact date when it was due out and he said that their computer just says april and he tells me I can pre order it if I want to. I say ok, how much is it and he says $9.99 I said hell ya sign me up. So Supposedly I will be getting a phone call in April :lol: letting me know that my Coldplay cd is in. I wish.

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there has been a few web sites that have been offering the single, album & Japanese promotional cds for a few weeks now, i've been a bit dubious of ordering anything from them, because one was for Early March...so obviously they've got their dates wrong.., i think certain places just like the thought of being able to advertise the most wanted material first...even at the risk of being incorrect.! :/

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