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North America Tour July 28th Opening Acts Confirmed [2005]


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The Coldplay first leg of the North American tour will start July 28th 2005 with Franz Ferdinand and Rilo Kiley as opening acts. They also will fly on a jet together as opposed to a tour bus, to be closer and be able to play more shows. They are rumoured to be touring in North America and playing 40 cities.

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Franz Ferdinand!

thats awesome.., but are they opening-act-material?? I thought they had pass beyond that..

still, i wish I lived in the US to go see them both together, they are rite now, my 2 favorite bands! :P

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Guest LiquidSky

How does one get the presale tickets? Do I have to order them now or I have to wait for them to tell me when the presales for whatever country they are doing?

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