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  1. Anyone considering standby line? What time you're thinking of arriving?
  2. I've heard the rail option isn't ideal because of Penn station construction. I've stumbled upon this bus service from Port Authority, but it isn't clear how often they'll run. https://www.coachusa.com/351-meadowlands-express How are you guys getting to the show tonight?
  3. I started this for a course I took. The course is done and I presented the final project last week, but there were more details I wanted to explore, so I turned into a fun personal project. :)
  4. Here it is: https://medium.com/coldplay-in-technicolor About the project: [MEDIA=medium]879e9865c664[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://medium.com/coldplay-in-technicolor/welcome-to-coldplay-in-technicolor-879e9865c664 First analysis: [MEDIA=medium]ac1d9fea057f[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://medium.com/coldplay-in-technicolor/coldplay-in-technicolor-the-overview-ac1d9fea057f What do you think? Share your thoughts. Any analysis/data points you'd like to see that I'm not covering? Let me know!
  5. Kinda bummed I didn't get any pre-sale love from coldplay.com, even though I've subscribed to their newsletter for over 10 years. Either way, I was able to get some this morning. I just moved to the US and this is my first first experience with stadium concerts here. I was really surprised/chocked to see: It's all sectioned. There are so many options to chose from, when you're getting tickets it's ridiculous. How expensive it is. The A1 section tickets (closest to the stage) was $750 in Boston! F*cking ticket master. Their experience is horrible and so many fees. Am I alone in this?
  6. Wasn't expecting this. But it's awesome. I might be the oldest member on this thread, but I love that they're always trying new things. I think I this new release made my realize what I couldn't realize for VLV and MX. Which is that they're evolving and making different stuff, and won't get back to that original sound. Ghost Stories was a bit mellow like Parachutes and AROBTTH, but it had a lot more electronic stuff. I've they're going funky, daft punk style, I can't complain, because they make good music regardless of which genre it is.
  7. I feel bad saying that it sucks that I bought airline tickets just last night, but I'm truly worried. I don't think the band takes these things lightly. If they had to cancel something, it must be because of something really big. And considering it's only been three days since they first announced it, it sounds like something bad.
  8. feliz anniversario Nanda :dance: parabens!

  9. ^OMG this brings back so many memories. That website is from 2003, exactly the time I became a Coldplay. This is a website I went to to "discover" this new band.
  10. Last year I went to Europe for the first time in my life. London was on my itinerary. I knew I just had to go to the bakery. I stopped by there, it was amazing. No one was there (except for other fans)), but it felt really special to be there. I left them a note (I doubt they ever saw it). It said, amongst other things, "This will be my generation's Abbey Road".
  11. how big of a file is a minute long 1080p video? I've started dealing with hd video for my vlog and it surprised me how large the files are!
  12. I have been a fan since the AROBTTH era, so I've seen three albums come out as a Coldplay fan. For all of them, it's taken me weeks of listening to the albums to fall in love with it. The same happened with Mylo Xyloto, except for Hurts Like Heaven. The very first time I heard that song at Rock am Ring last year, I completely fell in love with it. It's one of my favorite Coldplay songs ever.
  13. I find this discussion really funny. In Brazil, it's in our culture to mix (we did so since the first day the Portuguese step foot in our land). We actually don't have this cultural notion that people from different countries or background would like different things. It's interesting. If you were born in Brazil (regardless of where you parents/grandparents/etc were born), you're Brazilian. You're not "Irish Brazilian", "African Brazilian", "Chinese Brazilian". When I lived in North America as a teenager, I found that concept to be extremely interesting.
  14. Wow this is surprisingly good.
  15. I'm brazilian, and apparently since our country is so mixed, 99% of brazilians have some african descent. does that count? =P
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