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Louie Louie song...can you deciper the lyrics?!


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Hi guys!


Have ya'll ever heard the song "Louie Louie", specially the version by Kingsmen? It was written by Jimmie Hendrix....and its always had a history of being called a "dirty" song, so I"m sure people on here would be interested in talking about it...! :sneaky: :P



if you are...i've got the song, and also the lyrics...many versions of it... you might be surprised that they had such a profane song in the 60s, or may be not.

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Inspired by Chuck Berry's 'Havana Moon' and the Mercer/Arlen composition 'One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)' along with maybe some other conscious or subsonscious sources Richard Berry wrote down the lines spoken by a homesick and lovesick Jamaican sailor, who explains to a barkeeper named Louie that he wants to go back to his darling he's left on his home island. Nothing much of a literary highlight, but THE perfect pop lyric. You have to sing SOMETHING, and as long as the chorus is catchy enough to be remembered after having heard it only once, the rest doesn't really matter.

That's the main reason that so many different versions exist, especially the Kingsmen's unintelligible version has lead to many phonetic interpretations and misinterpretations that have added a lot to Louie Louie's legendary status.

Back in 1963, everybody who knew anything about rock 'n' roll KNEW that the Kingsmen's Louie Louie concealed dirty words that could be unveiled only by playing the 45 rpm single at 33 1/3. Eventually the FBI got involved, conducting a thirty-month investigation that led to Louie's reputation as a dirty song. This investigation led to the following most common set of dirty lyrics, collected by the FBI in Tampa,Florida in 1964 (and often used by Iggy Pop in his renditions of the song):



Oh, Louie Louie, oh no

Get her way down low

Oh, Louie Louie, oh baby

Get her down low

A fine little girl a-waiting for me

She's just a girl across the way

We'll take her and park all alone

She's never a girl I lay at home


At night at ten I lay her again

Fuck you girl, oh all the way

Oh my bed and I lay her there

I meet a rose in her hair



Okay, let's give it to them right now!

She's got a rag on I'll move above

It won't be long she'll slip it off

I'll take her in my arms again

I'll tell her I'll never leave again



Get that broad out of here!


Especially the origin of the last sentence tickles my curiosity. With some fantasy you can discover phonetic alikes in this lyric compared to the original one, but which idiot made up that last line? And which other idiots were taking this seriously for the lyrics sung by Jack Ely?

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