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What do various tracks remind you of?


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Here's my long long long list:


Clicks: Space, preferably the Eagle Nebula


Politik: A dramatic scene of 2 worlds fighting each other


Yellow: Mandy (some girl I had it going with for awhile)


Animals: My life, iit perfectly describes it


I Ran Away: Flying away from something at a really high speed. The song also makes me think alot.


Sparks: A luminous nighttime city, with bright yellow lights and depressed people roaming the streets.


Shiver: Shivering, lol


1.36: lol...it reminds me of a really hot stripper


For You: Chris' yellow globe


Easy to Please: a deserted, alone neutron star.


High Speed: a dimly lit hallway


Daylight: escaping the atmosphere at a high speed


God Put a Smile Upon Your Face: a rock band totally rocking it out on stage


Spies: a day going by in a city with people with shadows covering their faces walking out of the water. Some hiding in the corners of the city.


Parachutes: an abandoned house sitting alone on top of a cliff


Murder: a dramatic scene where a group of people tar-and-feather and shoot and kill a man.


Bigger, Stronger: Some homeless guy roaming the streets in the rain cursing out all the rich and wealthy who look down on him.


Such a Rush: A town help by some sort of opposition in which the townspeople form an uprising and take back their town.


See you soon: Reminds me of my self sitting at home dreading over a lost loved one.


That's it, my mind can be weird at times just in case you haven't figured it out yet.

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Clocks: Night in a small city, probably coastal. (definitely something with water)


Yellow: Grandma's house (because this is where I first heard it in a music video - my first glimse of coldplay back in 98)


High Speed: Swimming underwater. Summertime. Taking it easy.


God Put a Smile Upon Your Face: A storm with lightening and wind.


Daylight: Driving fast through the desert (route 66)


Don't Panic: a depressed person being encouraged by a friend


One I Love: A rockin Coldplay concert!


Murder: An escaped prisoner trying to get through the woods without being caught.


Crest of Waves: Surfing.

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