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Today I had my first.....


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I don't know. we ordered it on tap...and it came in this huge gong or something....they called it "the giraffe"....it's a big tall glass cylinder filled up with beer of your choice, with a tap underneath and the whole table can share it....you get like half-gallon in each! lol


did you like it when you tried?


the beer itself isn't blue! lmao

it's actually pale/light....tan-ish and comes with lemon wedges u r supposed to put in it, but the girl who ordered it for us said that orange wedges actually go better...

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Stella looks like any other lager that comes in green bottle. i've had so many of those already.... after a while, they all taste the same. Heineken, Beck's, Kingfisher (from India), etc...


lately, i tried out a new kinda beer (it was new to me anyways)...called hefe-weizen. awesome!!!


Franziskaner hefe-weizen dunkel....is goooooood!!

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