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snippet of an old magazine interview


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Having dug out my old copy of X-Ray (a now defunct but quite decent music magazine that came out of Xfm) to look up those old b&w photos of coldplay taken by westenberg for the 2003 tour, i was re-reading the interview, having a laugh at Martin going on about being "coffee rock" and thought some nostalgic souls might enjoy this snippet...y'know, i remember actually transcribing a majority of this interview on the coldplay.com site for those who'd missed it when it first came out, but seeing as it wasn't deleted, i'm guessing it wasn't copyright infringing...if this is, by any chance, someone let me know :


"Had fate taken another turn, Martin guesses he would have ended up "doing Elton John covers in Marriott hotels up and down the country. Enjoy the buffet..." he ponders. "This is 'Rocket Man'." Luckily he met Berryman, Buckland and Champion within the week [of moving to university] ("I knew that he was mad, " the latter says of his first meeting with Martin. "Absolutely bonkers.") and something clicked.

"When we met it just seemed perfectly right," Buckland confirms matter-of-factly. "It couldn't possibly be any other way."

"Like falling in love," Martin adds."

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