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Lucy' date=' eh.. reminds me of someone who used to post here.. he was in love with a girl named Lucy too..[/quote']


Lucy's are lovely :smug:


Only had the one so far though :D


However' date=' being in a relationship can suck at times too.[/quote']


True. At which point u have to ask yourself, is it worth being in the relationship... I hate that bit :(

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I'm not on a date since...


let me think....




i think i never had one..




well once i went out with a guy....


but nothing happen later.....


and well on a bday....


but i didn't like the guy...


i liked him...


oh my god 18 and never had a date yet...




(still thinking harder)


brain near to explode

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nice reel big fish reference there, haven't heard that band in YEARS


on topic, haven't had a date since......it'll be one year in may, and that was my ex-girlfriend, aaah! truth be told i'm not sure if i'm even fully over her yet and that's just sad

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