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What is the "Live at Ahoy Dutch EP"?


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I've spent a few hours scouring the net for any information on this. I've seen it referenced in multiple places, and I've heard the Green Eyes from it, but what is it? It's not on any discography or music store website I've seen. I'm dying to get my hands on it.



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Are you Dutch? I believe it's basically the Clocks single (I'm not 100% sure if it is really Clocks) combined with live recordings from a concert they did in Ahoy, Rotterdam. It's not the entire concert, just part of it. It pops up on eBay occasionally.

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Also, the reason it's not on any discography is that it was only released in the Netherlands. On the dutch Coldplay fansite there is a tracklisting.


Clocks (Dutch Limited Edition) - 2003 - 3CD Maxi


CD 1:

1. Clocks (edit) 4:11

2. Politik (live) 6:53

3. Shiver (live) 5:26

4. Daylight (live) 5:48


CD 2:

1. Clocks (album-versie) 5:06

2. Trouble (live) 4:44

3. The Scientist (live) 5:18

4. Green Eyes - Mooie Ellebogen (live) 5:16


CD 3:

1. Clocks (live) 5:31

2. In My Place (live) 3:51

3. Everything's Not Lost (live) 8:47

4. Yellow (live) 4:44


Live-tracks opgenomen in Ahoy' Rotterdam op 5 november 2002. De verschillende singles werden los van elkaar verkocht. CD1 werd verkocht in een digipack dat ruimte biedt voor de overige twee cd's. Mooie Ellebogen is een Nederlands liedje, geschreven door Coldplay.



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This is what I have in MP3 Format


Coldplay - Clocks Dutch 3CD Live EP 2003 @ 256KB


101 - Clocks (EDIT) (Dutch EP Version)

102 - Politik (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

103 - Shiver (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

104 - Daylight (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)



201 - Clocks (Album Version)

202 - Trouble (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

203 - The Scientist (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

204 - Green Eyes and Mooie Elle (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)



301 - Clocks (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

302 - In My Place (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

303 - Everythings Not Lost (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

304 - Yellow (Live @Ahoy Dutch EP Version)

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