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Opening Act and Ticket Deman.


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Hey Everyone,


Long time reader first time poster lol.


I plan on going to see Coldplay at the meadows in Hartford,CT.


I was wondering who is the opening act?


Also, how fast should tickets sell out? I am talking, like minutes or days?


Any information will be appreciated!



I know i posted this in "Coldplay"...sorry i'm just looking for some answers haha!

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yeah. everything sells out pretty quickly and the meadows seems like a medium sized place, but I hear it has a lawn. I'm not sure if they're using the lawn or not tho b/c ticketmaster says the show will take place rain or shine. Just try using every way you can to get tickets when they go on sale. phone, internet and trying to get friends to do the same for you will increase your chances :) good luck!

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