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  1. undefinedwhere were you sitting? I assume you must have been someplace up front for that guy to have been standing near you. I was in section 200 row S, maybe you were someplace near me. I thought the show was so amazing from where I sat, but honestly, I think the show was amazing from everywhere. I loved the show so much that I'm going to try to get lawn seats for another show :D
  2. I loved the tambourine guy! He looked like he had nothing to live for and didn't believe in anything, but just kept on playing that tambourine. ... The songs were all pretty terrible though. One line was, "wedding bells and booty calls". I wish I could have seen Rilo Kiley, she's decent.
  3. yeah. everything sells out pretty quickly and the meadows seems like a medium sized place, but I hear it has a lawn. I'm not sure if they're using the lawn or not tho b/c ticketmaster says the show will take place rain or shine. Just try using every way you can to get tickets when they go on sale. phone, internet and trying to get friends to do the same for you will increase your chances :) good luck!
  4. cohe223

    kill bill

    i just saw kill bill last night. those fight scenes were amazing! the movie was so gory! I could barely watch some of those parts lol, twas great tho, and I went with the boyfriend, so i hid behind him (peeking over his shoulder of course) during the really gory scenes. hehe
  5. 1-human pee 2-nose picking 3-bad breath which is worse.... getting gum stuck in your hair or getting an awful hair coloring? dating a bad kisser or someone with horrible table manners? drinking sour milk or taking a bite of something that you thought was chicken only to find out that its actually alligator?
  6. Five Songs you know the words to, even without the music: 1. dosed-RHCP 2. green eyes-coldplay 3. and i love her-beatles 4. junk-paul mccartney 5. lullabye-billy joel Five Games you like: 1. literati 2. monopoly 3. risk!!!! 4. chess 5. have you ever...? Five Albums that have changed your life: 1. parachutes-coldplay 2. white album/abbey road-beatles 3. ok computer-radiohead 4. rush of blood to the head-coldplay 5. KPYFO FINI-a greek album! Five Things you can't live without: 1. peanut butter 2. love 3. books 4. music 5. water Five things you would buy with $1000: 1. some sexy underwear (hehe!) 2. an ice cream 3. id probably blow the rest on clothes 4. 5. Top Five Locations I want to run away to: 1. Greece! 2. Paris 3. Sevilla/Madrid 4. Milan/Rome 5. London Name four bad habits you have: 1. i dont know when to stop being persistent 2. i get angry easily 3. im a compulsive eater :( 4. i procrastinate....a lot Name 4 people currently on your bad side: 1. ted 2. masha 3. brian 4. me Name 4 Celebrities you don't like: 1. anna nicole smith 2. christina aguilera 3. britney spears 4. madonna Name 4 drinks you drink regularly: 1. water 2. diet snapple 3. diet coke 4. vodka Name 4 Websites you recommend: 1. homestarrunner.com 2. explodingdog.com 3. emotioneric.com 4. dieselsweeties.com Five Things you like about yourself: 1. my hair 2. my eyes 3. my brain 4. my good taste in guys 5. my easyness with people/making friends Five qualities of your perfect mate: 1. nice 2. plays guitar/sings/plays some instrument 3. likes to cuddle! 4. appreciates me for who i am 5.being damn sexy doesnt hurt either ;)
  7. First Name ? Kelly Favourite colour ? green First Band Ever liked ? new kids on the block (I know, its sad but, I was 8!) Sexual preference ? Boys Favourite sport ? Soccer Have you got a boyfriend/ girlfriend. ? not at the moment How many brothers and sisters ? One brother Favourite animal ? Monkey How long have you loved coldplay ? almost 3 years now Your occuopation ? student Do you enjoy your job ? not usually
  8. one day, for fun, i translated some beatles songs into latin. I'm a geek, I know. Maybe I'll put some of coldplay's songs into another language to see if they sound as silly as the latinized beatles songs did. Ex:Quod caelum sit caeruleus, its me pellat ut lacrinem (or something similar) means: B/c the sky is blue it makes me cry. :P
  9. cohe223

    yes or no

    go for it. Definitely. you are pretty, and besides, you're doggie could use a new playmate ;)
  10. I used to post here quite a bit back in the day, but for some reason I stopped....anyway, I'm going to try to post up here regularly b/c I'm bothering my poor friends on livejournal by updating a million times a day. So, heyy everybody! (btw, I'm Kelly and my lj is cohe223....add me if you want!)
  11. cohe223

    whatcha wearin?

    im wearing my nice n cuddly pjs hehe :D
  12. I love the Beatles! I dunno if I could pick a favorite song though, hehe. Lately I really like If I Fell. And did any of you hear the cover Coldplay did of Here Comes the Sun? It's actually pretty good, even though my friend (a Beatles fanatic) says he doesnt like it :/
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