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First off, I pledge to actually buy the album when it comes out!


Second, it's amazing, but I'm liking the tracks the more I hear them. My first response to the album was "well, it's good, but I don't like the direction Coldplay took." Though I absolutely LOVED 'What If' (this has to be on the best songs of the decade, I don't know why people don't talk about it more), felt pretty good about Fix You and loved Speed of Sound (why don't people like this track more?). I did not like the electronics and lack of piano, and Martins voice being more produced. I felt that the earlier Coldplay albums had a more complete and authentic sound, and the new album lacked that authenticity.


Truth is, I still feel that way, but the more I listen to it the more I like the songs! This is great. People have been saying the songs are 'growers', and I kinda agreed, but AROB didn't grow on me, I liked every song immediatly (except Politik, which still isn't quite my cup of tea). AROB has to be top 5 albums EVER, and Parachutes rocks too. This new one felt like a departure in the wrong direction. Gone were the flying choruses and great melodies, or at least that's how I felt for the most part.


But 'The Hardest Part' is amazing. Better every time I hear it. Same with 'Talk' which is awesome! And 'Square One' gets better every listen, along with 'Swallowed by the Sea'. Still not big on 'Kingdom Come', I was expecting better. But I'll probably love that song in a week! Wow, Coldplay is truly amazing. Still, I hope their next album goes back to the more full sound, i.e. more piano, flying vocals, etc...


AROB was a little more magical to me than X&Y, but that may be because I related so much to it.

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i dont agree either, but hey its your opinion....just listen to the new songs...they are really good...i think every album is set apart from the last, and i really like the direction coldplay is going in, but whatever direction its going in, you can see theres still some old coldplay left, with songs like a message, speed of sound, which isnt that completely different coldplay

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