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READ HERE - April 14 M.E.N Arena, Manchester [2003]


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Hi, if you are going to this show, read on.


I am bootlegging the show after this (Earls Court 1st night).


I will need information on the setlist at Manchester, and timings of the show, to assist me recording at Earles Court. If you are going and can help me out, I will send you my recording of Earles Court for FREE.


If you are interested, e-mail me at [email protected] for more information.



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Cool thats very kind...


I dont sell bootlegs, I think it's wrong.


The reason I said I'd give out a free copy is because if someone helps me get a better recording by telling me of breaks in the show to swap minidiscs, therefore not missing any of the concert, I feel they deserve a free copy.


Why people sell bootlegs I never understood. I'll trade (ie for other boots on cd-r) or do a b+p (blanks and postage), so I'm not losing out.


It's all about spreading the music WITHOUT profiting :)



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