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the Pistons lose to the Spurs

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I'm a Knicks fan lol (my mam went to NY in October when I started getting into basketball, and I told her to buy me a random jersey so she brought a Knicks top back - I've followed em ever since.)


I just severly dislike the Pistons, although they are an amazing team... :(

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Pistons beat the 76ers (who I like for obvious reasons, if you look in my location), plus there's that whole Larry Brown the Backstabbing Asshole thing, so....


I was mildly happy that the Spurs won. To be honest though, I didn't really care all that much, because Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace are both from this area (I actually know somebody who went to high school with Rip Hamilton, and I also have cousins who went/are going to that school). So I don't dislike the Pistons all that much.

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