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Need info on ticketss


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My friend and I are looking for tickets for Madison Square Garden on Sept. 6 or 7th and on ticketmaster every time we search nothing comes up. Can someone please help. Thanks!!


SOLD OUT!! yup.. sorry!! I would suggest trying again when the date gets closer.. or just keep checking the ticketmaster site.. ebay may result in you losing an arm or a leg... but if thats your choosing.. so be it. :cool:


Good Luck.. I'll be there.. :cool2:

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Here's my idea: show up at the venue the night of the show and wait until about 10 minutes before Coldplay go on, because at that point the scalpers just want to get back SOMETHING, ANYTHING for what they're still holding on to and you can get seats for cheap. (It's how I get tickets to see my beloved Philadelphia Eagles every year :rolleyes: )


Not a good idea for more than one person though... or people who don't live close to the venue.

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