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Live 8 solidifies why I think Coldplay is one of the best

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So, i finally saw their set...i can breathe now.


Their performance proved why i love them.


It's so obvious that they have so much respect for Richard Ashcroft...they played Bittersweet Symphony as if it were their own. they loved playing that song and sharing the stage with Richard. Did anyone notice how Guy was singing along and playing so passionately?


Usually, when a band gets huge, they feel that no other band is like them. They get too cocky, but not with coldplay. at least, not yet and hopefully never.

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I know what you mean. I have come to realise that not only admire and respect them as musicians, but for they are too. :idea2: I hate it when bands who enjoy great success become so self conscious and snobbish. The fact that Coldplay still seem to be genuinely the same despite their huge popularity just shows what an amazing band they truly are and how much they deserve their success. :cool:

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