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  1. ^ to the two posters, i would say try and go without a ticket. It has worked for me in the past for other free coldplay shows.
  2. I think i'll try and see if i can get in without a ticket. my office is 13 blocks from the theater so i have nothing to lose except not getting in! If anyone else is interested, send me a pm.
  3. Is anyone still going to try to get in without tickets? i think the ed sullivan theater holds about 400 people so there still might be a chance. It worked for me and noelia (cookymnstr) for the Yahoo! show a few years back so i'm hoping i'll get lucky again.
  4. and whats worse it the hangovers are brutal!!! hahaha let me know when you are free!

  5. haha, that's true...when i went to colorado, I couldn't breathe well b/c of the high altitude. I got so sick the first night, i honestly thought i was dying! lol

  6. oh no whats wrong? look at your sept schedule and tellme when you are free, dont move to colorado you wont be able to breathe!!! text me some dates we can get together, ,miss you, muse is almost here!!

  7. i miss you, miss jack & ginger! When are we getting together? i need someone who won't judge me when i insult guys. I'm through with NY men! Too many douchebags that just want one thing only. I'm seriously considering moving to Colorado.

  8. i was sound asleep at 10:20 hahahah will email you later

  9. did you forget about me? i sent you a text. =( it's alright...i know you are busy or did you fall asleep right after watching the big bang theory? hehe. i'll talk to you later.

  10. i'm going to watch an episode of 30rock on hulu while i wait....i will wait as long as you want me to.

  11. Oh, teach me Pris. I need to brush up on my Spanish. 7 yrs of learning and nothing to show for it. when i was in mexico years and years ago, i was able to get by, but i don't know about now!
  12. later, coldplayers! As soon as i come in, i have to leave :(
  13. I agree with you, Anna. Things are much less complicated with them.
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