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for hamilton fans...or someone who really wants t.o tickets


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Coldplay, one of the World's biggest bands returns to Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on August 2 and to Darien Lake in Buffalo on September 1. Y108 wants to send you there, if you can go from Y to X (in celebration of their newest album X&Y).


Listen to BOB AND JODI daily for clues - follow the clues from Y108 to the place where X marks the spot. Find the letter, and your heading to see COLDPLAY!


All courtesy of your buds at Y108!


as far as i know, they announce the clue at around 8:15am, and you need to physically go and find an envalope with a number to call the radio station at.

for anyone who lives around there, check it out....not sure who does live there. just a heads up though. it's in the hamilton area because that's where the radio station is.


i live too far away to go searching around a place i don't know. :/

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