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Toronto Show Pictures


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Guest LiquidSky

What is up with the numbers? :huh: No wait..don't tell me I don't want to know..But great pictures! Thanks for sharing ;)

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more Pics!


there were 1600 ppl in there!!, thats what the toronto SUN said... I was in the section 118, its on the right side of the stage, row 22... AMAZING view... I have a lot of pix, about 45 all from the concert.. BEST SHOW EVER... I wont post the pics directly in the forum, since im too lazy to upload them to a website to then html them here.. ill just post my msn space link and all the pics will be in there... some of em are REALLY good...




hope you like them fellas!




PS if you need any of those pics in 1 mega pix and 2 mega pix res.. just ask me and ill do u the favor... oh and also, i will try to post later the 11 vids I recorded from 9 songs of the concert..

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