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  1. Finally back to Brazil! What an incredible night! Under 1 roof is a very special event for me since the 2011 edition was actually the last time I saw them live (they cancelled LA tour). 2 years :O I love Christmas (my birthday is at Christmas day), so seeing a Coldplay Christmas concert was the best gift I could ever wish :) This time I couldn't queue early but considering the time I arrived I got a pretty nice spot. The venue was adorable. At the stadium era I still feel very grateful for having the chance to attend such small concerts. They didn't disappoint me at all. In fact I
  2. I'm coming from Brazil! Officialy Austria as I'm visiting my sister who lives there. Leaving Brazil today, but I'm flying to London just on Thursday.
  3. Thanks to everyone who helped here, my sister got the order confirmation :) Can't wait :dance:
  4. Apparently my sister got it!!! Fingers crossed!!!!
  5. I couldn't do it even from my mob (I pay everything from it), they require my desktop computer :(((((( and I'm far from home :(((((
  6. I couldn't get mine :cry: :cry: :cry: Tryed 4 different credit cards and they were all denied. Probably due to the fact this would be my first purchase on these websites (I live in Brazil) using my work computer. When finally one of them gave me a chance (after rushing to the ATM to validate things twice) my order was timed out and tickets sold out. Don't know what to say, can't blame anyone but me :(
  7. I'm at work now and my shift finishes exactly at 9:00 am. I'll try hard to be available in time :nervous:
  8. Can't express how excited and grateful I am!!!! I'm going to Austria on Dec 18th to visit my sister :D :D :D Much closer than travelling from Brazil :D :D :D I was lucky enough to see Under 1 Roof's concert in 2011 and it was such a wonderful experience!!! Still can't believe there may be a chance to be there again :stunned:
  9. Oi Suuu!! Saudadess mocinha! Hi Vi ^^ :D
  10. 10:40 pm, waiting for 11:00pm when my shift ends \o/
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