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Any South African fans here?? Somehow there don't seem to be all that many...Come on, prove me wrong! Wouldn't it be awsome, if Coldplay would come to South Africa!?! They would rock the place and be surprised how many fans they actually have here!!!

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I know that it's usually frowned upon to post rumours in forums, but the radio stations 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 94.5 Kfm have been dropping some heavy hints that Coldplay are coming to SA this year. Including saying that a band of four guys is coming, one of whom is married to a famous blonde, and retweeting a lot of Coldplay-related tweets on twitter. The official announcement takes place on Monday morning local time.

radio station's website is : http://www.highveld.co.za/pages/index.asp

or twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/945Kfm

for anyone wanting more info :)

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