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  1. Someone please just help me out lol. I'm arriving way too late for any of this and now I'm just reading reviews and stuff, it's terrible.
  2. Really wondering which direction they will go into next. The AHFOD era was interesting but I just wish they'd do something more stripped down you know? LP7 has been one hell of a ride and it's clearly coming to a climax now. Maybe after today they'll take a few years off.
  3. I remember Atlas was released on iTunes here first (New Zealand) simply because we are a day ahead. I will keep an eye on iTunes.
  4. I suspect Chris Cairns got involved in that game somehow.
  5. It would certainly help you forget about the rugby final last Sunday eh. :smug:
  6. Oh and when you think about it a Thursday release would make sense. If they released it the same time as the teasers, that's Friday morning here (New Zealand, Australia ect.) and you'd want to give the single some time on the radio on the Friday here. If it gets released Friday (UK time) it would be too late to really get noticed.
  7. If like me you're just passing the time here's something to keep you busy- see if you can spot where the audience realizes they've gone from being at a silly singing competition to something amazing; [video=youtube;C6m8i9McWKc]
  8. Just so happy we're finally past the stage where all you read in this thread is; "Tomorrow is Friday, maybe something is going to happen" "I think their new style will be like MX and Viva had a baby that turned out to be an emo teenager" "I HATED GS! I loved X&Y" "Tomorrow is Monday, maybe something will happen" "Nothing happened fml" "GUYS STOP PANICKING the band might just be sleeping"
  9. Wow I was just thinking the same thing. I think similar to Charlie Brown it's a bridge. I've got a feeling the intro will be more subtle.
  10. Seems to me the song will follow the sample principles that made Charlie Brown so great. Repetitive guitar riff, heavy bass and there's even some alien voices.
  11. A very reliable source just forwarded me this list; A Head Full of Dreams Spirit Child The Reversal of Global Warming is an Achievable Goal Drunk Walrus Whale Noises and Church Bells Chicken Kebabs Taste Good Moist Peach Jam Dat A$$ ft. Kanye West America, Jesus, Freedom I can confirm that these are the new songs. You're all welcome.
  12. Yeah obviously a fan who just taped some pictures on a wall. There's no dates on these posters and the advertising space doesn't seem paid for.
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