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Look here! August 9th Cincinnati ( videos added.)


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Hey there, Got there an hour and half before gates were opened. When I stepped out of the car I could hear the band doing soundcheck, I about collapsed. This was my first Coldplay concert. My heart is still racing at this moment nearly 2 days after. But I will post more indepth stories here later. I know people like pictures and I took as many as possible. They are not in order, SO be sure to read the descriptions below each one so maybe you can figure the order out. Sorry it's confusing. some are blurry from no flash, and some are pretty much amazing captures, so be patient while browsing them, there are some real gems. I promise.





Oh by the way, I was in the Pit, front row against the gate, and center, no lie.

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the setlist was standard. i don't remember the order exactly, but off xy they played square one, fix you, talk, low, till kingdom come, speed of sound, the hardest part and white shadows closed the main set. encore was standard. swallowed, in my place (chris came out into the crowd into the back of the pavillion and sang to the law seats) and fix you as the closer


a couple of the lyrics were changed


before everything's not lost chris said that sometimes it is best to be far away and just listening to them instead of up close and looking at them. he changed the lyrics to "i wish we looked more like the backstreet boys...and a little less like coldplay"


and in fix you the last bit was changed to


"...we'd really like to thank...you for letting us play on your river bank...and now i'ts time for us to go...thank you cincinnati ohio."


or something to that effect

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:lol: I am so glad you enjoy gazing at it. I do bet you gaze! feel free to play around with it in photoshop, ya know get rid of red eye, make an avatar, wallpaper, whatever. personal uses. To be honest, even though the band was within arm length, all I could think of was, " get some good ones of Guy! ooo look Jonny is giggling and Will is smirking! I KNOW the gals and guys on the messageboard will want to see these!" I just wanted to share it, cuz so many before me have and it's just my turn to give back. :)

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