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Extended U.S. tour plans??


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the current north american leg of the 'twisted logic' tour started here


2nd august 2005

Air Canada Centre; Toronto, Canada


and will finish here


30th September 2005

Nissan Pavilion; Stone Ridge,Bristow, VA, USA


i think there are 38 dates on this tour


tickets are still available for most of the shows on this tour


the band may do another shorter north american tour next year


while the band are on this tour it is expected that they will make some tv and radio promo appearances. i think they may make an appearance at the MTV VMA here


28th August 2005

MTV VMA 2005; American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, USA

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I am gonna pray so hard that they come back to tour in North America again. And I hope they will come close to Michigan or even back to Detroit. I don't care I will drive hours to see them like I did for Cincinnati. :lol: But correct me if I am wrong, I heard or read somewhere that Coldplay was not attending the VMAs this year even though they are nominated, I think the reason was not enought time between shows

since it will be inbetween a show in CA and the one here in Detroit. Maybe not enough rest time? not sure but to see them on The VMAS would be fantastic, but not if they have to give up precious relaxation time for the band. :confused:

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nothings been said yet on the official site about them not attending the MTV VMA's. they have got a few days off between shows so it could be possible for them to make an appearance. according to the coldplayer journal n the offical site they have had meetings to talk about songs for tv appearances.

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