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I just wanted to express my undying gratitude to the people of this thread. I didn't realise such a fantastic community of people existed who share bootlegs out of the goodness of their own hearts.


I was at Glastonbury 2005 and for ages I've been looking for Fix You and Can't Get You Out Of My Head from the set. Shockingly I got the whole set! Lol. Not only that but they are fantastic quality recordings - so to everyone that did upload anything Glastonbury I bow down to you... infact anyone that takes the time out to upload something for the benefit of other Coldplay fans should be awarded with praise I reckon. Now I can keep those fantastic memories of Glastonbury forever and ever because I've been able to make a CD of the recordings.


It's not the biggest bummer but was there ever a recording of Swallowed in the Sea from Glastonbury? Anywhere I found where there was a link posted didn't work unfortunately.


Finally I'd be honoured to help anyone out in return. My expertise is Lauryn Hill and Maroon 5 - I have the weirdest combinations of musical tastes but if anyone else is fans of these I have rare B sides, unreleased tracks and live recordings I'd be willing to share. If anyone wants to visit me on myspace I'm at http://www.myspace.com/africanwannabe


Cheers guys



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