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My First Coldplay Show at MSG 9-7-05


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Well here I sit... at work... dead tired as I reflect on the Coldplay show I saw last night. I'm 32 years old and I've seen a many a show from various bands. Last nights show at MSG was by far the BEST show these eyes and ears have enjoyed in a long long time. From start to finish, this show rocked.


Its funny b/c I come on this web site all the time and check the set lists and I would get disappointed. X&Y (hands down) is a classic cd filled with songs that do what all Coldplay songs do...touch the heart. But as a fan, you want to hear the old songs as well like "Trouble" or "Crest of Waves". But when I saw the show, I was so upset with myself for being a close minded idiot. The new songs took over and were more of a highlight than some older tunes. “Talk”, “Fix You”, Swallowed by the Sea” and “Low” blew me out of the water.


When they played “The Scientist” it brought back memories of how I went through my divorce. That song, like all music, got me through one of the mot difficult times in my life, but now I can celebrate b/c I have a new wife and a beautiful 6 month old son who brings so much love to my life. (my wife was the one who got me the tickets for my birthday). Today, life is soooo good.


As I said before, this was my first Coldplays show and will remain in my heart. It was awesome to share this show with my wife who sat by my side and enjoyed it as well. We sat right next to the stage up front and kicked ourselves for not brining our camera. But all in all it was a great show.


Thanks! Rock on and God bless!!




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Great to see you enjoyed the Coldplay show as well! This is my second Coldplay show (saw them back in 2001 at the Hard Rock in Orlando) and my first visit to MSG. I flew in from Florida yesterday to see them and will see them again next Wednesday in Tampa. It will be at an outdoor amphitheater so I will be interested to see how the lighting show and sound does outside in the Florida humidity!!


You are dead on about the newer songs. I too had some reservations to hear them live, but when Coldplay performed them...it gave me a new appreciation of all those tunes!


Take it easy!



Gainesville, Florida

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I can totally sense what you are saying. I am really glad for you and others just like you who have new happiness in their lives and have stood the times with the touching music of coldplay.


This is the only band where the songs impact me "musically". I mean it sort of traverses my entire body from toe to head and enriches the sensory nerves with every sweet and powerful song. The emotion is something like a sweet sadness or a touching seriousness.. im blabbering

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hahaha .. your not blabbering... your right on... its awsome when a band can do that so someone... music sucks today and its become very rare for a band to touch hearts. Coldplay is one of those bands that do that. I respect them not just as a band, but for what they are about. Music...


Rock on!

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